Privacy Policy

8155640 Canada inc. strives to respect and safeguard the privacy of its Users and therefore grants the undertakings contained in this Privacy Policy in regard with the personal information of the Users, in accordance with the laws of the province of Quebec, and particularly with the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.



Terms and expressions contained in the Privacy Policy starting with a capital letter shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the Terms, unless inconsistent with the context.




2.1 8155640 Canada inc. agrees to comply with the Privacy Policy.

2.2 All Users agree that this Privacy Policy may be modified by 8155640 Canada inc. at any time and without prior notice and to be bound by such modifications; therefore, 8155640 Canada inc. recommends that Users consult this Privacy Policy regularly in order to remain apprised of the latest Privacy Policy in effect.




A Visitor should be aware that each time he or she accesses the Site, an exchange of information takes place, automatically, between his or her computer or equipment and 8155640 Canada inc.’s servers. This exchange is necessary for 8155640 Canada inc.’s servers to transmit a file compatible with the computer or equipment used by the Visitor.


The following information is exchanged:

  • the identification of the internet services provider;
  • the IP address of the Visitor;
  • The type of web browser (for example : Firefox, Explorer) and operating system being used by the Visitor (for example : Windows, Mac OS);
  • The pages being consulted by the Visitor;
  • The date and time at which the Visitor access the Site or the Web Platform;
  • The referring site, if the Visitor access the Site or the Web Platform via another site;

The majority of such automatically exchanged data is collected for the sole purpose of meeting the technical requirements of web browsing and is used for statistical purposes only, this information in no way identifies the Visitor personally. 




Cookies are used to simplify browsing on the Site and the Web Platform. These cookies do not collect personal information about visitors. A visitor may at any time set his or her browser to block cookies. However, this action may deprive the Visitor of certain functions of the Site and the Web Platform.


When using a public computer or sharing a computer, a Visitor should ensure the he or she leaves no trace of its activity before ending a browsing session.



5.1 Collection

The Site does not include any technology that could be used to collect personal information from the Visitors without their consent. Visitors are free to use the Site, without their personal information being collected.

No personal information is collected without the User’s prior consent. The only personal information that 8155640 Canada inc. may collect is information that is provided voluntarily by the User when writing directly to an email address found on the Site or on the Web Platform, participating in a promotion, or by other similar means. In order to be able to provide a requested service, open an Account of comply with legal requirements, 8155640 Canada inc. reserves the right to request personal information or supporting documents from the User.


5.2 Use

Personal information is treated and kept in accordance with the provisions of the the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector.


Personal information is used by 8155640 Canada inc. only as prescribed by law. This means that, except as prescribed by law, 8155640 Canada inc. will seek the User’s consent prior to making any use of information for purposes other than those for which the information was originally disclosed by the User.

Personal information disclosed by the Users is accessible to 8155640 Canada inc.’s employees for whom such information is necessary in the performance of their duties. 

8155640 Canada inc. and its services providers may use personal information provided by the User, particularly for the following purposes:


a) To verify the User’s age, province of residence and whether he or she asked to be self-excluded, when required to verify eligibility for requested services;

b) To provide the services requested by the User (access to the Web Platform as well as the purchase of tickets or packages and reimbursement of these tickets or packages, where the case may be);

c) To verify whether the User is complying with the Terms and the law, and

d) To compile statistics.

5.3 Communication 

8155640 Canada inc. may communicate personal information concerning Users when so required by law or by an order from a competent authority.

8155640 Canada inc. may also communicate personal information to services providers, including services providers located outside the Province of Quebec and Canada. 


5.4 Conservation and destruction of personal information

8155640 Canada inc. takes appropriate security measures to ensure the protection of personal information concerning the Users.

Personal information is destroyed in a secure and confidential manner following the User request to do so.


5.5 Access and correction

All Users have the right to access their own personal information held by 8155640 Canada inc. and may request in writing that incorrect, incomplete or ambiguous information be corrected. In order to access personal information held by 8155640 Canada inc., a request must be made by contacting 8155640 Canada inc.




As mentioned in the Terms, the Site and the Web Platform may contain links to third party sites. Information exchanged via these sites is not subject to this Privacy Policy. Therefore, we strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any third party site that you visit.