Hotels for Montreal Grand Prix 2024

We offer the best hotels within their respective categories. Our local experts will help you select the perfect hotel based on your Grand Prix needs.

Our Grand Prix packages include as much or as little as you want out of your stay.


  • Variety of hotels to choose from (lowest price guarantee)
  • Race tickets (lowest price guarantee)
  • Exclusive Event Access
  • And more

The Grand Prix weekend is the biggest tourist event in Canada — expect a 95% occupancy rate for hotels.


There are a wide variety of prices on hotels and accommodation, depending on the level of luxury you want to enjoy. There’s no doubt that the hotels in Montreal will increase their prices during the Grand Prix due to the higher demand, but if you book far ahead in advance we can find you better deals.


$600-$800 per night

Budget hotels ranging from $600-$800 per night offer basic necessities including the bed, bathroom, television, phone and closet. The location of our Budget properties are such that the action is close-by, so everything you need is walking or a short cab-ride away.



Mid Range 

$800-$900 per night

When it comes to mid-range hotels in Montreal during the Grand Prix you can expect prices in the range of $800-$900 per night. For this price you will be getting a 3-4 star hotel with the basic amenities, but nothing too fancy.

But that’s okay – you will be spending most of your time at the races anyway! In this regard, a mid-range hotel might offer you the best combination of comfort and value for money. Look for somewhere with a convenient location so that you can easily get to the track.




$1000+ per night

If you are looking for a luxurious hotel room experience on your Grand Prix Montreal weekend, be prepared to pay $1000+ per night. Some of the best stylish high end hotels in Montreal include the Birks Hotel, Sheraton Center, or the Marriot Chateau Champlain.

Yes, it’s quite a lot to pay for a night in a hotel if you want to stay at one of these luxury options. However, if you want your Montreal Grand Prix weekend to be a VIP experience from start to finish this is the way to go.



For more information on Montreal hotels during Grand Prix, feel free to contact us at 1-855-227-4212. We can help you plan the Grand Prix trip of a lifetime so that you can enjoy this amazing sporting event.