Montreal Grand Prix Corporate Suites & Hospitality

When it comes to corporate events in Montreal, few are as fitting for a team-building gathering or to host a company VP than the Montreal Grand Prix. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve offers impeccable amenities that enhance race day and is one of the favored circuits of the Grand Prix. When you plan your corporate gathering or upscale evening for your most respected clients, you’re given more than just access to the big race.

For your high-profile affair or company gathering, you’ll be treated to the utmost in corporate hospitality and privacy with exclusive access to areas of the track and suites with unimpeded views of the action. Expect to be treated like the VIPs that you are with optional services reserved for corporate clients, including:

  • Hotel peace-of-mind
  • Race day transportation
  • Dining accommodations and reservations
  • Additional event management and planning

Your Montreal Grand Prix corporate experience will be met with the utmost in professionalism and care to ensure you, your employees, or your clients are treated to first-class service before, during, and after the races. You’ll want to extend the corporate event to after the event as downtown Montreal is home to the best race day celebrations, perfect for employees needing to wind down and enjoy themselves.

On the day of the Grand Prix, you and your party will be treated to exclusive offerings and benefits, a tour of pit lane, and even a tour of the track.

Depending on the package you choose, your seating can also provide you with an up-close view of the official ceremonies, an unbeatable sightline of the circuit, and a meal fit for F1 VIPs.


Corporate Packages



The exclusive and comfortable seating in the Platinum or “Platine” Grandstand is the one reason why people come to the races at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. With impeccable views of track’s infamous left-right-left first corner and the entrance to “Senna Corner,” you’ll have a first-rate view of the tense action that unfolds in this difficult stretch of track.

When the track takes the drivers out of your view, shift your eyes to the oversized screen that will kep you immersed in the action even if it’s not right in front of you.

The excitement of the race can leave you dry and in need of a boost, so don’t forget to take a break to reenergize with food and drink found under the nearby reserved tent.


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Elite Restaurant

Offering a private patio, delicious cuisine, and a premium spot to watch the race, the Elite Restaurant package is the pinnacle of race day luxury. A private patio keeps things comfortable and secluded while seating on the outer rim of the track, nestled between the start and finish lines of the “Senna Corner,” you’ll be privy to some of the tenser moments of the race.

When not fixated on the race, you can dine on anything from the included robust menu or enjoy some souvenir shopping.


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If you want to get as close to the track as possible, this quaint suite is an incredible start. Grab a table as you watch the race from the entrance to “Senna Corner.” As the rumble of the cars passes you by, you’ll feel like you’re actually in the race.

You’ll be seated in one of two tiers, each one having the same great view of the track. While the race unfolds in front of you, enjoy your included meal of exquisite fare and soak in the incredible experience of being at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve.


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Privilege 12

The Grandstand is going to give you some of the best overviews of the track, and from Grandstand 12, you’ll catch the action as drivers wrestle around turns one and two of “Senna Corner.” It’s always a thrill to watch as drivers enter the race after a pit stop, and you’ll have a first-rate view of the exit lane from your vantage point.

With your Grandstand seating, you’ll also be in close proximity and have access to tents that will be dishing out delicious food and plenty of drink to keep you refreshed. The meals are included, so dine away.

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Podium Club

Located on the circuit’s inside, right by the start/finish line, this arrangement of seating is perfect for those wanting to be close to the official ceremonies. In the thick of the race, the Podium Club offers an unimpeded view of the pit exit and the high-tension merging of turns one and two.

As the race heats up, enjoy your included hot meal.


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Elite Suite

Views and comfort are in the forefront of this luxurious package that sits you on the outside of the stretch between the start/finish line and the “Senna Corner.” It all seems to unfold on this one corner as drivers exit from the pit stop and struggle to overtake one-another in this race to the finish.

With the Elite Suite, it’s not just about the race as you’ll find it easy to get lost in the décor and opulent style that makes this the most comfortable day you’ll have at the races.

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Podium Suite

With the ability to accommodate upwards of 50 guests, the Podium Suite is the perfect space dedicated to a larger gathering looking for a great view of the track. Placed right next to the start/finish line on the inside of the circuit, the suite offers a first-rate view of the official ceremonies and drivers exiting the pit.

Enjoy included meals as the excitement of the race unfolds right in front of you in your private or semi-private suite.





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